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Solar Window Film

Excess heat makes buildings hot and uncomfortable, potentially causing problems such as glare, harmful UV rays, energy consumption and causing strain on air conditioning units. An application of solar film not only helps to tackle the problem, it also helps to cut down your electricity bills. Our solar films are available in a range of grades and shades. Each film varies in appearance and performance. A high performance film can reduce heat by up to 80%. 


Decorative Window Film

A new way to colour your world! Choose from our wide range of stylish colour films. Bold coloured film not only brings vibrance to your room, it also creates a “wow” effect to your guests.


Blackout & Frosted Film

Frosted window film is designed to be applied to your existing windows to give it a “frosted” glass appearance which is perfect for added privacy or as a contemporary alternative to curtains and blinds. Alternatively, you can also go for blackout film too!


Safety Film

Glass is a delicate material and it’s dangerous when broken. An application of safety window film works by placing an additional barrier on the glass. It also ensures that if the glass does break, it does so in a safe way. An application of safety film will upgrade regular glass to safety glass.

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