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Residential/Commerical Services

Solar Film , Safety Security Film, Privacy Film, Decorative Film, Frosted film

E Solor Pro is your No.1 trusted provider
for window film in Singapore 

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Window film applications are effective solutions to tackle window glass issues like glare, heat and UV. With a team of dedicated experts, trust us to provide you with the best recommendations and products to fix your window woes for every situation regardless residential or commercial - Satisfaction guaranteed!

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    Heat and glare can be a year round problem which can cause an unpleasant internal environment. All thanks to the solar film, a technically advanced product that has been developed to help maintain a moderate and enjoyable internal temperature without blocking the view or sacrificing the natural light. Once installed, the solar film is effective right away and it helps to increase both your energy savings and comfort in windowed rooms.
    With an application of the window film, your home will be less reliant on air conditioning units, thus reducing the electrical bills and reducing cost.
    UV rays are harmful in a number of ways. UV rays not only can be dangerous for certain skin condition, it can also cause degrading/fading of furniture and fabric. With the application of UV protection window film, it helps to block off the UV rays, enabling families to enjoy the warmth and Vitamin D of the sun rays without worrying!
    Adding privacy film to your windows prevent passer by from seeing through the glass. It is also a contemporary alternative to curtains and blinds.
    Window panels are always at a potential risk of breakage regardless in a commercial or residential unit. With the appplication of a window film, it adds an extra layer of protection to strengthen the window glass panels, eliminating the risk of shattering and causing potential injury.

Our Services

Solar Window Films

We offer high performance and affordable window film for all residential and commercial properties
Frosted film

Popularly used for home and office,frosted film are ideal for maximizing privacy without
sacrificing the natural light
Blockout film
Used effectively to completely obscure a glazed area so that no
light can pass through

Safety Film

Offer protection from broken glasses
and prevent accidental injury with
an additional layer of safety film

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